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Neil Wilde is known for his amazing gift of performance the way he pounds the piano Boogie Woogie style with a voice that is one minute strong and hard hitting and the next minute calm and serene. 

Neil is from God’s County, Yorkshire in England.  He is always like a breath of fresh air and revives the spirits, spontaneous and gregarious and startlingly talented.

Never having any musical education  Neil started his musical journey at the age of 12 playing guitar and singing gospel music in church with his grandmother Clara.  After winning local talent competitions at the age of 13 Neil says he was drawn to the piano by God.

By the age of 16 (1975)  Neil played in his first professional band 20 Flight Rock, at 17 Neil formed his own band (Let The Good Times Roll) and from 1976 to 1985 Neil travelled around the UK perfecting his pounding piano style. He performed alongside such artists as Mungo Jerry, Tommy Bruce, Edison Lighthouse,The Bootleg Beatles,The Searchers, Shakin’ Stevens and The Jets.  In 1984 Neil  travelled with Showaddywaddy, to perform a 16 day tour of the Middle East  

In 1986 Neil started a tour that took him rocking around the world.  After rocking the boat on cruise ships and helping to shape the modern day concept of Rock’n’Roll piano bars around Scandinavia.  Neil settled in Stavanger Norway where he formed his band The Blue Masters.

Neil lived in Stavanger from 1990 until 2004 performing alongside many of Norway’s top stars.  Neil became very popular performing original songs he and Tony Burton had written in the early 90’s.  Playing at Festivals, Dance clubs, and events all around Norway followed by TV and Radio appearances, and gaining a record deal and sponsorship from Yamaha Scandinavia.

In 2004 due to ill heath in Neil’s family he returned to his roots in Yorkshire.


Moving back to Yorkshire was one thing, having to start life all over again was another.


Two thousand and four was a tough year for work and Neil had not worked in the UK for so long everything had changed. All the local places he used to play at had either closed or were taken over by younger people. Attitudes had changed and Rock’n’Roll was no longer the flavour of the day. The WMC clubs had been completely taken over by Agencies and it was very difficult to get back into the groove of things. 


Neil found himself having to perform at audition nights to get work. Neil stayed at his brother John Arthur’s place up until he passed away in 2006.  He was just making a living playing in small pubs and a couple of clubs on the weekends.  Luckily Neil always had great friends and family around and they helped him immensely when his brother John Arthur passed away.  He was still travelling to do jobs in Norway on Stene Line and Fjord line.  Then in 2012 Neil’s mother Joan Mary passed away, devastated by the loss Neil acquired a contract to perform on board the Hurtingruten which is a fleet of cruise ships travelling from Bergen/Kirkenes Norway he was working 12 days on and 12 days off.  This was a fabulous time performing for people from all over the world once again, eating amazing food, access to the gym everyday, just a fab fun time. During the winter time seeing the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) and during the summertime the midnight sun.  Crossing the equator twice on each trip. Neil knows he has been truly privileged most of his life. This contract lasted a year and a half. Neil travelled to Norway to perform on festivals too, Neil has been playing the Selfjord Festival since 2002. After the loss of Grandfather Arthur in 2014 Neil moved house to North Yorkshire to be closer to father Barry and sister Alison. 


One year after that and completely out of the blue came the lady that has changed Neil’s life (Adele). A lady with a lot of patience, true grit and true love for Neil.  


In 2016 Neil’s career started to take off again in all directions meeting and performing with North East band The Revolutionaires. travelling to France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and Derry Jazz Festival. In 2019 performing with Norwegian star artists in Thailand, Neil’s Harpiano Project with Jakub Konieczko and his band Forsal in Poland, solo gigs in Spain, Denmark and Norway. 


Neil and Adele married  2019 just before Neil’s father, Barry passed away. 2020 brought Covid- 19 to us, Neil entertained his worldwide audience through the power of the internet every week and sometimes twice a week rewarding his loyal followers was of the upmost importance to Neil. No shows were performed live during 2021.  Since then Neil and Adele have travelled extensively with Neil performing in countries worldwide and as for the future we are here 2023 fully booked!!


Neil Wilde Entertainment 2024


2024 Is going to be a big year for me personally as I will be celebrating quite a few milestones in my life which include:-


       50 years of playing the piano with vocals, 45 years of becoming an international artist

    40 years of becoming an international solo TV & recording artist, 30 years of working with     Kom og Danse Norway

    30 years of being a stepfather to three fabulous young ladies

    20 years since coming back to my roots in Yorkshire and 10 years since I met Adele 


    I hope you can help me by celebrating my achievements with me.


    Wish me luck ………

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