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Teaching To Play

Pianist Vocal Entertainer
Telephone +44 0788 6577234
Learning to play the Neil Wilde Way !!!  L.W.P.P. – Listen, Watch, Practice, Play.

For anyone who has been unlucky enough to have been made to take piano lessons as a child and I emphasize the word MADE you will remember how “you must sit up straight at the piano”. “You must do this” and “You must do that” and by the end of the lesson you were most likely bored to tears.


In fact you probably never wanted to see another piano again and that was doubtless the same for countless other musical instruments and this is such a shame.

In my opinion the plain truth of the matter is that music is supposed to be fun. So all you music teachers out there lighten up and make it interesting. I do !!!


I have been teaching piano for 20 years. I teach my own style and technique of Boogie Woogie, Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll piano from my home. I only teach students who are familiar with the piano and there is no written music involved.


No written music you say? That’s right. My method is L.W.P.P. – Listen, Watch, Practice, Play.

I find that once you put the fun back into something the learning happens without you even realising it. I want to make your time with me fly, not drag by.

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